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AI for SME Business #101

We work with you to understand how you can leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline your business processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation, ensuring you stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Work with us to through our defined #5 step plan create a roadmap and processes for getting you on the right track with implementing AI into your business.
Work with Karrina 1-1 through defined steps with resources to get your head around Ai and how it can work with your business. We work on your business rather than in and look at how you can sustainably and profitably integrate Ai into your business. Leads into our other offerings from this initial block package, you will come out clearer and with a vision of how you can implement Ai into your business to support, nurture and enhance the productivity of yourself or your team.
The sessions can either be 1 day Block of 5 hours with 2x 2 Hour Session and 1x 1 Hour Session or across 1 week of 2x 2 Hour Sessions and 1x 1 Hour.
The sessions can either be booked for us Online via Google Meet, or in person in our offices or boardrooms at our Parnell, Auckland Offices.

$1,500.00 plus GST

Customer Reviews


"With so much hype around AI and how and where to use it, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about where I should use it, I know have a plan to work on to get the most out of it and no longer confused about where to start"


“Being fairly tech saavy I thought I could look and understand AI but realised that I had no idea what to use without signing up for a whole lot of software and costs each month, I decided to get a base plan in place to ensure I choose the right options.”

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