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crafting human-Centric Ai Solutions

We use AI to teach, train and build solutions to make your day more efficient and enjoyable and support your business to engage with your customers and employees from first interaction to onboarding and supporting them on the journey with your business.

What we offer

Make a Plan

Let us work with you in a way that works for you and your team to understand and create a plan for using AI in your day

Craft A Solution

Let us craft a strategy, framework and then implement a solution to solve your pain points in your day and bring joy to your humans

Maintain + Evolve

Once we solve the problem we want to make sure we maintain and evolve the offering as new requirements arise

Learn AI online

Utilise our online offering if you want to learn the basics of AI and what it can do for you without putting the in person element

why webbased?

We have been around for close on 2 decades in the digital world crafting digital transformation solutions for SMEs across NZ and Australia. We have launched into the world of AI as a result of the change we have experienced in Human Interaction with the digital tools we have built and are now paving the way for consulting to SMEs and individuals to unlock how AI can help them in their day to day business operations to enhance and empower their people and processes.

100s of Digital solutions crafted over 15+ years

The Webbased team, are the real deal. They've been my Digital Solution partner for 5 solid years now- from inception of our business to us becoming a major player in our category. As I say to Karrina on a regular basis, I would not have a business without her and her team.
Ecommerce Business
Karrina is at least fifty shades of wonderful. She's totally human and incredibly professional all at once. Most of all she genuinely listens to what you need. The level of service and engagement has made my whole experience a huge success. I'll definitely be back.
Professional Services
Karrina and her team are such an asset to my business. They help turn my ideas into reality. They are always happy to help and have initiative when it comes to development ideas too. 10/10 would recommend
Insurance Broker



The Boundaries

Let us work with you to plan, learn. create strategy and frameworks and implement exciting AI solutions to make your day!